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Building Muscle

Human Growth Hormone or HGH as some call it, is an amazing supplement that has been around for a long time. But there seems to be some confusion as to who actually needs it, who should take it, how it is taken, and what it can actually do for the body.

It’s time we set the record straight about Human Growth Hormone Supplements.

Is HGH Only For Body Builders?

We want to clear the air that HGH Supplements are only for Body Builders.

This is 100% FALSE!

While body builders can benefit from the use of these supplements, they are not the only users that can benefit from this powerful natural growth hormone booster. HGH supplements like Sytropin are useful to a variety of user types. Anyone looking to see results in building muscle, reducing the visibility of wrinkles, boosting energy levels, or even losing weight by boosting metabolism should consider supplementation of natural HGH as a viable option for boosting growth factors already present in the human body.

With the wide range of benefits, you can see that growth hormones are not only for body builders, but for anyone who wants a younger appearance and vibrant energy.

How To Take HGH

The perception that all human growth hormone supplements need to be taken in the form of injections is false as well. There are many different types and forms of HGH supplements. They come in injections, pills, powders, and even oral sprays.

They all come in a wide range of prices, but typically injections are the most expensive since the majority of the time they need to come from Doctors and requires a prescription. Whereas oral sprays can be purchased over the counter without a prescription and are generally cost much less than injections.


Research has shown that the Sytropin oral spray supplements are far superior to pills and powders due the method in which they enter your body. Pills and powders must enter through your mouth, down your esophagus then into your stomach and then broken down by the stomach acids. These trips through the digestive tract can lessen the effects and lower the potency as well as take longer for the body to receive the benefits.

Oral sprays are typically sprayed directly under the tongue. Because of this type of delivery, the molecules are not broken down by stomach acids and so the potency stays at peak levels. And since it is in liquid form and sprayed under the tongue it absorbs into the body at a much quicker rate.

Is It Only For Boosting Muscle Growth?

The answer to this is simply no. It has far more benefits than saying it can only boost muscle growth.

Many users have experienced other benefits such as; a vibrant skin tone, decrease in wrinkles, more restful and deep sleep throughout the night, and even weight loss due to the increased metabolism, as well as a boost in energy levels. It has been touted by many as a great anti-aging supplement because of all these uses and benefits.

Are Human Growth Hormones Steroids?

Nope! HGH is a naturally occurring protein in the human body that is made up of 191 amino acids and is made inside the pituitary glands. These are called somatotrophs. These hormones promote proper tissue repair, division of cells, and even helps regulate the levels of other hormones inside the body. In children it can help with puberty by helping the child grow and develop. Men that are short in stature typically had low levels of HGH in their body during childhood.

The term steroids covers two classes of steroids called corticosteroids and anabolic. Corticosteroids help the body reduce inflammation and reduce swelling in a quicker timeline. These are often given to patients by medical professions to reduce arthritis.

Anabolic steroids are known as performance enhancing drugs. Anabolic steroids boost physical energy and create rapid protein synthesis which is what helps build muscle quicker. But these types are banned in sports leagues and are considered dangerous if not taken under a direct medical professionals supervision and care.

Human Growth Hormones such as Sytropin Oral Spray and others are typically not banned by sports associations.

Now that we have uncovered some of the myths about HGH Supplements we can take a deeper look into exactly how they work and what you can expect as far as results.

Sytropin Free Trial

But How Do Human Growth Hormones Work?

The body of a human being is composed of billions of cells. Cells are organized into tissues. Everyday, a good number of the cells die a natural death. There is nothing anybody can do about this. Cell death is accentuated by environmental factors such as sunlight, germs and the constant abrasive forces to which a body is subjected to.

Loss of cells can be detrimental if nothing is done about it. You have billions of them alright but losing them that fast can leave you with nothing. Greying hair, loss of muscle tone, sagging of skin, weight gain, and many other signs of senility are markers for the degree of loss and modification of cells.

A human body has natural mechanisms that reduce the effect of cell death. The major way of ensuring continuity of tissues is through the Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is produced by the somatotropic cells of the anterior pituitary gland. It promotes cellular regeneration, tissue growth and development. It is responsible for the replacement of cells that are lost diurnally. It also helps the immune system in combating infectious agents like bacteria and viruses.

Now that you have HGH, why do you still get old? This hormone is itself produced by cells- the somatotrophs. The cells are subject to death, just like any other cell in the body. The actual reason why production of the hormone diminishes in not certain. The painful truth however, is that at 40, you are already deficient of the hormone and by 80, the regenerative capacity of your cells goes down to 90-95%.

Everybody faces the same fate in regard to the diminishing synthesis of HGH. You have seen how essential the hormone is in maintaining the youthful appearance and feel. You have also seen how it reduces in level with age and the effects thereof. The big question now is; Are those people older than you and who look younger than you any special. Are their pituitary glands an exception.? This questions are not without a basis. A simple answer is that nobody is special and no pituitary gland is exempted. All have the same destiny.

How To Look Young And Healthy… the Big Secret

You may now be feeling overwhelmed with mysteries. A direct answer is that the mysterious people use supplemental HGH. These supplements cover up for the tired somatotrophs. They perform the same function as the natural hormone, or increase its synthesis and thus keep your body younger.

The well-documented anti-aging qualities of HGH have made it a subject of discussion in international media houses like the CNN, Oprah Winfrey, The American Journal of Medicine, Newsweek and Dateline.

The New England Journal of Medicine, in their recent study, has established that HGH causes a dramatic decrease in body fat and an increase in lean body mass.

Sytropin Benefits


Additional benefits of the hormone include:

  • Low cholesterol level, decreased susceptibility to hypertension, and increased strength of bones and muscles
  • Improved wound healing and an enhanced immune system
  • good memory, better vision and a positive personality
  • high libido and improved sexual performance
  • more peaceful and rejuvenating sleep
  • increased cardiac output and a parallel increase in strength and virility
  • regeneration of thicker and healthier hair
  • enhanced skin tone and resolution of wrinkles

Sytropin Is The Leading Oral Supplemental Spray

Sytropin Is Natural, FDA-Approved And Guaranteed To Work

Oral Supplement spray guarantees you the same results as the prescribed injection HGH with an additional benefit of ease of administration. Its is administered as an oral spray.

Why Use Sytropin?

Sytropin Benefits

  • One of the most recommended HGH supplements by independent healthcare professionals
  • Offers a 90-Day Money Back guarantee; if you are not satisfied, you get a refund
  • Oral spray easily permeates the mucous membrane of the mouth hence giving quicker results
  • It combines release amino acids and an FDA-approved secretagogue HGH in a just a single supplement

Sytropin Free Trial

Sytropin is a concoction of HGH components, L amino acids and Growth Factors. It is the highest quality supplement that you can get without a prescription.

Sytropin in made under strict quality standards control and from high quality natural raw materials including:

ALPHA GPC: Increase the synthesis of natural HGH, counteract cognitive disorders, improve the transmission of impulses responsible for coordination and balance, enhances concentration

GABA: Facilitates neurotransmission, increases the levels of the hormone in blood, enhances the sleep-wake cycle, optimizes the functioning of the Central Nervous System

GLYCINE: Is a constituent of essential proteins that aid in neurotransmission of nerves responsible for memory and cognition. it also reduces muscle rigidity

L-ARGININE: Increases sperm count, is a building block of proteins, helps in DNA replication and cell division, stimulates anabolic muscle growth

L-DOPA BEAN EXTRACTS: Stimulates the production of natural hormone, encourages muscle growth, helps in burning of fat from adipocytes

L-GLUTAMATE: Enhances the immune system, improves metabolism and athletic performance, is a building block for the stomach and intestinal lining and may be used to prevent ulcers

L-ISOLEUCINE: Encourages bio-availability of complex carbohydrates, used in anabolic building of muscles and in neurotransimission,used as an alternative source of fuel hence promoting wound healing and tissue growth

L-TYROSINE: A precursor for melanin, aids in neurotransmission,relieves depressions and can be used to stabilize mood

L-VALINE: Burned for fuel hence improve muscle growth, encourages bio-availability of complex carbohydrates, is taken up by muscles for anabolic construction of muscles proteins

L-LYSINE: Calcium conservation,nitrogen balance, maintenance of blood vessels

MOOMIYO EXTRACT: reduces the effects of disorders that arise due to hormonal changes in senility, is an anti-inflammatory agent, has healing properties, reduces soreness in joints of knee, elbow and shoulder

ORNITHINE ALPHA KETOGLUTARATE: increases muscle size, enhances immunity, quicken wound healing

Inactive ingredients in Sytropin supplement include; deionized water, lecithin phospholipid, sodium citrate, potassium sorbet, maltodextrin, and citric acid. Our 90-day risk free money back guarantee is meant to protect you

Sytropin Free Trial

90-Day Guarantee

Sytropin allows you to experience the same elating feel that other men and women have felt with supplemental HGH.

Be sure to join thousands of happy clients that have felt the benefits of this supplement. You have nothing to worry about as you are given a 90-day money back guarantee.

What the media call ”the fountain of youth in a bottle” will definitely change your health for the better.

In any case you are not satisfied by Sytropin, just return the bottle and you will get your money back(less shipping charges)

You sure will be pleased with the results so order now, risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

10 Day Challenge

What Are The Ingredients?

Sytropin is composed of growth factors and potent amino acid releasers that stimulate the production of HGH from the anterior part of the pituitary gland

Sytropin products comply to all the FDA-GRA’s conditions for supplemental HGH products. No complications or side effects have been associated with the use of this human growth hormone supplement.

Approved By FDA?

Sytropin is a dietary supplement and therefore does not require certification by the FDA. It however has voluntarily complied to the all FDA regulations. It is manufactured in a certified, state of art pharmaceutical facility. All ingredients of this supplements are tested for quality and safety.

What Are The Side Effects?

It has no known side effects. It can be taken by people of all health profiles. Children and patients on Monoamine oxidase inhibitors should not take the supplement. You can always contact us for further information about legibility for this therapy. Like in many other cases, it is important to contact your physician before changing your drug regimen.

Why Should I Use Sytropin?

Sytropin decreases body fat, increases lean weight, improves the skin tone, increase energy, and promotes a restful sleep. Its benefits are documented in various medical and scientific journals. It is an HGH releaser that stimulates the production of the natural human growth hormone. It is an oral spray and therefore there is no pain in its administration.

Do You Have A Free Trial Offer?

YES! Sytropin offers a FREE 20 day RISK FREE trial offer! Only thing we ask is you pay the $3.95 shipping and handling. If you are not satisfied at the end of 20 days, simply return the unused portion and you will have no other costs or obligations.


Is The Supplement A Steroid?

It is not. It contains no sterols. Besides, so far, no athletic associations have banned the use of the ingredients in this supplement.

What Is The Dosage?

Spray your mouth with the supplement twice in the morning, and four times at night before going to bed. After each dosage, hold down your tongue for two minutes to facilitate the absorption of the drug through the oral mucosa/lining of your mouth.

After How Long Can I See The Benefits?

Duration for appearance of the effects of Sytropin differ from individual to individual. We recommend that you use it for a minimum of three months to experience its benefits. Users report better sleep and an increase in energy in a few weeks of usage. Reduction in fat and an increase in muscle mass takes longer.

Where Do I Buy?

Some distributors sell Sytropin directly from their retail shops. We sell it through our website or by mail order. Anyone interested in becoming one of our wholesale distributors should click here.

How Is It Better Than Other Drugs?

Sytropin is a combination of homeopathic HGH, growth hormones and natural amino acid releases. Each ingredient maximizes the potency of each dose. Human growth hormone Supplements can be purchased without a prescription, besides, the customer is guaranteed his money back.

Can It Be Used Alongside Other HGH Products?

You can use Sytropin together with HGH releasers and stimulators, be they pills or sprays. You should never take Sytropin in conjunction with injection human growth hormone as the combination will suppress the ability of the body to synthesize the natural HGH.

Can I Get It In My Country?

It is available in most countries except Australia and South Africa. Some countries’ regulations inhibit importation of HGH. You can always contact us for information about the legal status of HGH in your region.

What Happens If I Am Not Satisfied?

We believe in satisfying our customers. We also believe that you will join the thousands of our customers who have experienced the benefits of Sytropin. However, if you are not satisfied, you are guaranteed to get your money back less shipping expenses.

As a way of welcoming you to the HGH experience, try our risk free Sytropin for 90 days and tell us your own experience.

Free Sytropin HGH

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